Hydro Kore - Low Hydrogen Low Alloy Type Electrodes
Item Code
Kore Weld 7016
E- 7016
For Welding of Carbon Steel, Medium High Tensile, Low Alloy Steel, Cast Steel, Cast Iron Suitable for Non-Machinable Weld on Cast Iron.
Hydro Kore - 18
E- 7018
Hydrogen Controlled Iron Powder Type Electrode used for Boiler and Pressure Vessels, Buffer Layer Prior to Hard Facing, etc.
Hydro Kore - 18 SPL
E- 7018 - 1
Suitable for a Very Wide Range of Grain Refined Steel Having Tensile Strength in Range of 500 to 600 N/MM2 As Well As Difficult Steel Containing Higher Carbon or Higher Levels of Sulphur and Other Impurities for Welding of Pressure Vessels, Boilers, Pumps, Earth Moving Equipments, etc.
Hydro Kore - 70G
E- 7018 - G
Application include Welding of C - Mn Grain Refined Steel, Heavy Section, Restrained Joint Requiring Good Impact Strength at Sub-Zero Temperature Down to Minus 50°C Yields Weld metal with 1% Nickel
Hydro Kore - 70 A 1
E- 7018 -A1
Low Hydrogen Iron Powder Type Electrodes for joining 0.50% Mo Crap Resistance Steel used for Boiler Tube and Plate.
Hydro Kore - 80G
E- 8018 - G
Low Alloy Steel to Withstand Low Temperature
Hydro Kore - B2
E- 8018 - B2
Welding of 1.25 CPR - 0.50 Mo Steel Used for Super Heater Tubes, Steam Pipe and Headers of Boilers for Electric Power Plant Equipment of Oil Refineries
Hydro Kore - 80 BG
E- 8018 - B6
Low Hydrogen Iron Powder Type Electrodes for Welding of 5% CPR - 0.50% Mo Crap Resistance Steel used for Oil Refineries, Power Plant, etc.
Hydro Kore - 90G
E- 9018 - G
Suitable for welding of High Strength Low Alloy Steel such as Pressure Vessels and Chemical Plants where Low Alloy NCI CPR Mo Steels are used
Hydro Kore - B3
E- 9018 - B3
Welding of 2.25% CPR - 1% Mo Steel
Hydro Kore - 90M
E- 9018 - M
Low Hydrogen Iron Powder Type Electrodes Weld Metal is Nicer Type and Exhibit Good Toughness at Sub-Zero Temperature used for Penstocks, Pressure Vessels Boiler, Pipeline, etc.
Hydro Kore - 110M
E- 11018 - M
Low Hydrogen Iron Powder Type Electrode for Welding of High Strength Steel, Heavy Section used for High Tensile Steel, Penstocks, Earth Moving Equipment.